Got dry skin? A dry skin care anti aging lotion is the optimal solution for dry skin care problems.

In order for any dry skin care anti aging lotion to actually improve a dry skin condition for more than a few minutes, the lotion must get below the second major layer of skin. Independent lab testing shows shielding lotions are the most effective anti-aging skin care products.

Typically, the only moisture that is ever really going to reach deep enough in sufficient quantities to resolve a dry skin problem over the long-term, is the skin’s own natural moisture.

So the solution is to assist your skin in producing more natural moisture and not allow it to be lost. Until now, all that could be done to alleviate a dry skin condition is apply conventional lotions like artificial moisture. These products were designed to just temporarily fix dry skin, placing artificial moisture over the top layer of skin.

A dry skin care anti aging lotion, which is termed a shield lotion, is the key to actually improving dry skin.

A major factor to consider is that many households and workplace chemicals, even cosmetics and fragrances, are absorbed directly into the skin, which can cause skin disorders or just plain cracked dry skin. When cooking, cleaning, or being active in activities from gardening to painting, skiing to fishing, or any exposure to harsh weather, you are further drying and irritating your skin. A dry skin care anti aging lotion, which provides a shielding lotion protection layer, is the product that is effective with dry skin. A shielding lotion will rapidly absorb into and bonds with the outer layer of skin, which creates a protective layer while retaining the natural moisture from within. This makes it the perfect anti-aging skin care product.

An effective shielding lotion will not wash off, but comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells and just needs to be reapplied every 4 hours. In summary, taking proper care of your skin can do more to enhance your appearance than all the lotions and creams that can be applied to cover-up unhealthy skin. The summer months pose unique challenges, constantly switching between dry indoor air and summer heat outdoors removes moisture from the skin. While creams and lotions replace some of the lost moisture, it is far better to take steps to prevent moisture loss in the first place. In the event a dry skin problem is present, a dry skin care anti aging lotion, termed a shielding lotion, is the fix.

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