color – with visible fine lines andwrinkles. Although there are several factors that result in dryskin – including the genetic ones – this can be greatly causedby environmental factors (wind, sun, heat).

So, the question is how to treat dry skin properly to significantly improve its look and its condition as well.

– Reduce the frequency of washing

Did you know that washing by its definition is actually – drying ?

Washing removes the surface lipid film, along with environmentalcontaminants, sweat, sebum, peeled cells, and microorganisms.

Thus people with dry skin need to reduce the frequency of washing and – lubricate the skin afterwards.

– Avoid soaps

The alkalinity of soaps disturbs the normal acidity (acid mantle) of the skin thus leading to dryness.

Therefore people with dry and sensitive skin should use a soap-free cleanser. There are a number of synthetic detergents available that clean as well as soaps but are adjusted so that they do not alter the skin surface pH.

Some are combined with oils so that they lubricate the skin asthey wash. Nonetheless, if one washes too often, dryness canalso results with these products.

It is very important to have a skin care regime that you follow daily.

– Apply creamy cleansers

Accurate cleaning may increase the tenderness and smoothness ofyour skin, so…

…choose a creamy cleanser and leave it on for at least tenminutes when cleaning dry skin. Let your skin soak up somenourishment before sweeping it away with cotton pad !

Splash your face with cool water to remove redundant cleanser and to refresh your skin, then put on a nourishing cream to seal moisture into the upper levels of your skin. Personally, I don’t recommend tonic for dry skin even if it doesn’t content the al

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