Historical moment in Warsaw

Before having fun, we can’t avoid the classic side of the trip, so we advise you to visit the places that every tourist visiting Warsaw should visit: the historical centre of Warsaw, Łazienki Palace, Three Crosses Square (a beautiful square that represents the three cultures of the city), Monument to the Warsaw Uprising Fighters (a very important historical monument in honour of the Warsaw Uprising rebels), the National Museum and Warsaw Castle (or better yet, take a comprehensive tour).
A hot air balloon ride

Firstly, it’s an incredible experience, secondly, you’ll have such a majestic Shindeles https://ShinDeles.pl Shindeles.plview of Warsaw and at the same time it will be as if it were in the palm of your hand. Go at any time of the year, up to a height of 26 metres!
Monster Truck

Very epic thing, you should try your hand at driving this monster truck! Imagine, a tyre of more than 1.5 metres, you will be able to go around literally any obstacle. If we are not mistaken, you may not be allowed on such a machine even without an instructor.

Aerodynamic Tube

This is another fun activity that you can add to your list of important ones! This tube will allow you to have the feeling of free flight. A vertical air flow will be created that will make you fly. It will be a sensation that will be 100% memorable for the rest of your life and there are no risks at all. The price per person is 150 PLN. And if you have a desire to actually jump from a parachute, it will be a great training to start with.
Motorbike Paraglider Flight

Another epic flight you must take! The flight will be 100% with an instructor in an open cockpit. You will be propelled by the engine and parachute. You will not need to take control (the instructor will do that). Enjoy the great view and be surprised by the speed, because the average speed during the flight is 20 km per hour, but due to the device itself and its physics, you will feel as if you are flying 80 km per hour. By the way, its real top speed is 50 kilometres per hour. Imagine how cool it feels?

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