But society isn’t exactly melting. It is just that society gets driven beyond a given threshold and begins to function in a way that is holistically governed. It passes from a state that is understandable into a state in which a principle of surprise begins to operate. This principle shows itself in the impromptu emergence of living trends. These are the ‘bubbles’ that inflate and burst on the surface of the melting pot. They arise with no cause that we can trace and burst in a negative surprise that we cannot foresee. Since you and I are members of society, we are constrained to participate in these living trends on a daily basis. And the driving force that trips society over the threshold into this particular type of holistic influence is IMPERFECT KNOWLEDGE.
Let me give an example of how this imperfect knowledge has maybe affected you. When you were young you probably went in search of your ‘true love’. If you were a boy, I dare say you spotted ‘her’ across a crowded dance floor and knew instantly that she was the girl for you. Plainly, at that moment of first meeting, you had imperfect knowledge of this girl and she of you. This lack of true knowledge tripped you both over a threshold, making you available to the living trend of infatuation. If you fell under the spell of infatuation a living trend will have propelled you along a definite course. At first feelings of attraction would have intensified. Maybe you got married during this period. Then there would have been a sort of plateau phase of indecipherable length. We call it a ‘honey moon period’. This could have extended for some years. Then the surprising crash would have occurred in your relationship as feelings of animosity began to intensify quickly. Maybe these negative feelings drove you into the divorce court. Whichever way, the pattern of the living trend will have been fulfilled. Only truthful communication at all stages between you and your dear wife, together with some massive compromises, could have prevented the trend from manifesting its full ‘intent’. Now, if you had possessed ‘power’ at the outset, you would have been lucky enough to meet someone whose thought processes were compatible with your own. In this case, at your first meeting, there would have been insufficient ‘imperfect knowledge’ to place you both in the path of a living trend. Since most youngsters have been robbed of their ‘power’, often by well-meaning people, they tend to be in the wrong places at the wrong time meeting the wrong people. In this situation the ‘arranged marriage’ would seem to be a sensible alternative. This is where relatives select suitable partners on the basis of temperament and class. When this is done astutely and tactfully, with a full explanation given of the reasons behind the selection (lack of ‘power’ and to avoid living trends), a lasting relationship becomes more probable.
I can tell you now that there are many well-intentioned people in society that make it their life’s work to set up scenarios where high degrees of imperfect knowledge prevail. These people want to create a classless society. They want to mix up the different types of people and the different classes, cultures and races. Their passionate intention is that love, peace and harmony should result. This has not and will not happen because when two different types of people confront each other for the first time a degree of ‘imperfect knowledge’ arises depending on how different their thought processes are. And this ‘imperfect knowledge’ makes them available to living trends from which no good can come. This is why wise rulers of the past were concerned to keep the different types and classes of people from ever coming into contact. They did this so that the incidence of ‘imperfect knowledge’ could be kept low and the threshold leading to the melting pot would not be crossed. Through these measures they sought to empower people in the best possible way and avoid having to deal with human rights, race relations and marriage counseling, which become big issues after living trends have wrought havoc in the melting pot of life. In contrast, the many well intentioned people and unwise rulers of today take real ‘power’ away from individuals in society by placing them in a melting pot of confusion and unsolvable problems. The dispirited individuals (you and me) then feel obliged to consult the nearest authority for help. So the well-intentioned people and unwise rulers get to boost their dubious status and ‘power’. Some do this unconsciously and they are simply foolish. Some may do it knowingly and they are wicked.


The well-intentioned people of this world go to great lengths to promote moral conduct. They want to stamp out guile, lying, stealing, killing, greed, committing adultery and even picking your nose I shouldn’t wonder. The point about the listed traits, with the possible exception of picking your nose, is that, in any given situation, they will drive up the parameter of ‘imperfect knowledge’. This, as I have said, will propel the sinners and all participants in the situation into the melting pot and make them available to living trends. Since living trends lead to negative surprises, moral conduct is a good thing. However the true reason for moral conduct is never explained or understood. Therefore moral acts drive up the parameter of ‘imperfect knowledge’ making the perpetrators available to living trends as well. Moral people are then constrained to live a double life, practicing their morals in public, while living trends make them sin like crazy in private. How often have we been delighted when a pillar of the community has had their private skeletons dragged into the public gaze by the media? The moral is that if you are going to commit a moral act, know what you are doing and it will become an act of ‘power’. If you know not what you do, your act will be folly.

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