BigCommerce, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, is a result of a similar idea that has provided comfort to every stakeholder associated to e-commerce on the platform. As an analogy, desktops first used to be customized with different components from companies, though it is still practiced till date, today many of the companies provide complete desktop hardware. Now, e-commerce is a similar concept, the e-commerce development companies used to customize the web services earlier, but today, e-commerce platforms are provided with every required functionality for the platform as the inbuilt template and therefore, e-commerce owners need not go to the website experts asking basic features to be included. With many players in the market, e-commerce concept accounts for business owners, clients, and web services.

Shopify and BigCommerce are two leading companies related to

online commerce store. These companies are the first type of providers of the e-commerce store, integrated with every basic functionality. E-commerce development services such as BigCommerce and Shopify development are third party companies and contractors that customize the e-commerce store according to the needs of clients and meeting the demands of e-commerce business for the best productivity of the services and products at the e-commerce platform.

For new players in the BigCommerce market, it is necessary to know about the whole concept around which, the e-commerce dwells as a result.

Structural layout of the store

As the layout structure of the front-end, the BigCommerce websites pages are developed with layout file having as many as panels. Further, each of these panels is structured into snippets, which can be more than one at a time. Colour, fonts, size, the design of panels and etc. are editable in this layout file page and subcategories mentioned. For a BigCommerce development service, it is a challenging task to customize the website according to customers’ needs related to the look and feel of the site.

Modification of design

Normally, it is done by modifying the template files via design mode & quick edit, comparing & managing template files, and modifying the template files via FTP. Thus, BigCommerce development services modify the store design via design mode and quick edit in the templates. Further, these templates are compared to each other keeping them side by side to have a better design at the end. Apart from the modification of the templates, maintenance of the theme is done keeping the design up to date.

Template variables

In BigCommerce store development, one of the main points from th

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