They say that seeing is believing, but what message does your product pictures give? Are they able to tell the story about the features of your product? Or they are telling some other story where the details are misinterpreted, and quality is gimcrack? A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, and when it comes to Amazon product photography services, its worth increases exponentially.

Consumers are always looking forward to those shortcuts which are time-saving. In this way, the first thing which comes into their mind is the image of the product. The photos provide a proper testification of the product and generate good traffic to your E-Commerce store. In the era of digital marketing, a great product is considered to be as good as it is advertised. Whether you outsource your Amazon Photographyto other companies or do it yourself, here are some tips and strategies you can implement to optimize your product listings.

Focus on Amazon’s Technical Requirements before Shooting

You need to understand that some technical requirements must be followed when it comes to Amazon product photography. First things first, you need to save your image files in a TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format. It is better if you check your camera setting before beginning the photo shoot. Try to capture pictures in RAW mode; it gets easier to remove blurriness and edit later in different photography software.

Your photos should have a minimum of 1000 pixels (either in Height or Width). Moreover, you don’t need to add any dashes, spaces, and special characters in your image name. Understand the naming convention of the product images on Amazon; include product identified (such as ASIN, SKU, etc..), followed by period along with the file extension.

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