You are investing your hard earned and saved money on your own property, and therefore you want only the best that you can buy within your budget, which is why you look at so many options before making a final decision.

One thing that you should definitely do before deciding on a house to buy is to carry out a home or building inspection on it. Home inspections in Sydney are guaranteed ways in which you can find out if your intended purchase has any faults or defects, which you may not be able to detect during a visual examination. Since home and building inspections in Sydney are carried out by professionals who have years of experience in the field, they are better able to find out even minor defects, which could cost you a lot of money to rectify and repair, and could be a real hassle for you as well.

So, what are the common problems that inspectors find during a home inspection in Sydney?

Structural issues – Structural issues may include problems related to the foundation, crawl space, slab, basement, frame, roof and walls. Poor construction, poor maintenance, settling and the effects of natural disasters can cause many problems for the structure of a house, and these may not even be evident during a simple visual examination. Such repairs can cost thousands of dollars and be unsafe for the residents of the house. There is no point in spending so much money on repairs soon after you have already invested a considerable amount on your new home.

Roof – Roof issues can be a very common problem and may include such issues as loose shingles, a roof that is at the end of its lifetime, and so much more. If a roof issue is detected during a building inspection it is best to check with the seller if there is warranty on the roof, since most contractors offer warranties that span 20-to-30-year periods. If the warranty is still available it would be best to get the rectifications done through the contractor who did the roof. Certain major problems with a roof may need an entirely new one done, and who pays for the repairs can be negotiated with the seller.

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Plumbing issues – Plumbing issues can vary from minor leaks to huge problems that require the entire plumbing system to be replaced, and these issues like leaks can even result in other problems like mold forming in the house where there is moisture. Plumbing issues can cause quite a headache if you can’t locate where an internal leak is, hence it is best to get the house checked for such matters before buying it.

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