We often identify ourselves with our physical body, with our emotions, and with our mind. These three principles represent our personality. We are often led to believe that the personality is the Self, whereas it is simply a persona, a mask that the Soul wears that it may function in the lower dimensions. The personality is mortal and subject to change. It is not the permanent part of our being. Should we identify with the personality we assume the characteristics of mortality with its sense of limitation and lack. In the long run we lose our true sense of identity. We feel that our identity is somehow displaced and know no longer what we are. By this false identification we block the entry of spiritual forces into the lower aspect of our microcosmic being. We also close our consciousness from higher perception and awareness.


By knowing, being aware, and identifying ourselves with our Reality, we liberate ourselves from a sense of separation from God–which is spiritually impossible. We are God’s expression; God is our essence. By essentially knowing our true Self, we come to realize God; we come to realize the infinite creative potentials that lie within our divinity. Please note, however, that what we mean by “true Self” is far different from the usual understanding of the term. It is not the hidden desires and characteristics that lie within the subconscious mind, nor is it what most artists normally refer to as their true self when they express themselves on canvas. The True Self is not the subconscious mind, nor the conscious mind alone. It is the Divine Spark’s Cosmic Consciousness or God’s Divine Awareness of Its inherent Existence and Bliss within the microcosm at a lower level, and in the macrocosm at a higher level. Always identify yourself with the God-Spark within you. Essentially, all of God’s attributes are to be found within you as well.

Knowing Cosmic Laws that generates all the contents of the Omniverse

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