holiday destinations but involves quite a few hazards when towing a camper. From specific towing requirements to how the trailer reacts to the environment, your first venture into the mountains should include a review of some of the common hazards that you may experience and things to keep in mind as you are winding up and down the curvy mountain roads. This information can help to ensure the safety of both your family and other vehicles on the mountain, ensuring that everyone enjoys a safe holiday and returns home with only good memories.
Read the Weather Reports
Weather reports are a key element of any outdoor excursion, but when travelling into the mountains, remember that things can be compounded due to the unique elements you may experience. If rains are expected, know that the roads will likely be slick, regardless of how much you trust your vehicle. High winds can also become a problem, and we’ll discuss some aspects of various trailers that will impact how your entire towing rig will react later in the piece. For now, your attention should be directed at the weather expectations on the mountain before ever leaving home.
Loss of “Passing Power”
Though we don’t doubt that you have quite an engine in your 4 x 4 towing vehicle, remember that when towing a camper trailer, the extra weight will greatly affect your passing abilities. Many mountain roads have offsets which allow vehicles to pull off of the road to either take in the scenery or let faster vehicles pass. We recommend using these if you find that you are moving much slower than other vehicles on the road. Also, remember that if you need to pass, expect to lose quite a bit of power, especially when ascending the mountain.
Winds and your Camper Type
Campers come in many shapes and sizes, and though they all their benefits, all of them will impact how your vehicle handles when winding up a mountain. If you have a full RV design, your trailer will act as a sail that catches the wind and forces your vehicle to sway. Be very careful in these situations, as a strong gust can really cause problems should it occur on a curve. Mountain excursions are often benefited by using the camper trailer style that “unfolds”, limiting the amount of surface space your trailer has in transit.
Venturing into the mountains is a popular pastime among outdoors-men. Because of the unique terrain and the lack of human development in remote areas, many find the fishing to be incredible and the scenery relaxing. However, those that choose to make the journey into the mountains must be prepared for particular contingencies while travelling. High winds, rain, and other drivers can make the trip up or down a mountain very dangerous. Be sure that you always pay attention to the weather expectations of the weekend, as this will also help you to better prepare when packing your equipment.
Should you encounter a frustrated driver that simply wants to pass, let them do so. There is no reason to excite the temper of a “less than amiable” driver. Use the road outlets to pull over and let them get in front of you. If there are no outlets, simply wave them around when you are on a straight stretch of road, and slow down. This ensures every one’s safety and allows fo

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