Remodeling a facility or home can be an exciting process to watch the area transform from being dated to a modern space.  The transition does work with quite a few surprises along the way that could be impossible to know until you are tearing up the floor or ripping down the walls.  Each surface should be tested for the presence of asbestos prior to starting the project.  Asbestos was a commonly used insulation material due to its low cost and wide availability.


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Asbestos could be used in the glue that holds down the tile floor or in the insulation sprayed on to the concrete between floors in a building.  Some manufacturers even used asbestos in electrical cords for insulation purposes.  The widespread use of asbestos has led to the necessity to have each surface tested.  Once asbestos is found, the construction crew must stop working immediately due to long term health concerns.  A team of experts must be called in to remove the hazardous material.


A Certified Asbestos Inspector can work with you to test for asbestos prior to starting the remodeling project.  The Inspector will send the samples to a lab for analysis and interpret the results found.  Each sample will be carefully cataloged to identify each surface area that contains asbestos.  The Certified Asbestos Inspector can then determine the appropriate way to remove the asbestos from the area.  Typically the area is sealed off and has a special ventilation system to ensure the asbestos does not contaminate other areas of the facility.  A remediation company will have employees wear special body suits and face masks to ensure the workers do not contaminate their clothing or breathe in the microscopic particles suspended in the air.



The asbestos should be placed in individually labeled bags to ensure each bag is accounted for throughout the entire process.  The material will then be transported offsite to a facility that has taken special precautions to store the asbestos moving forward.  The Certified Asbestos Inspector will document each step along the way to ensure the process is being done correctly.  The documentation will then be presented to the company to retain if OSHA ever wishes to follow up on the process in the future.  Click hereto contact a Certified Asbestos Inspector to work with you to test for asbestos prior to starting your next remodeling process.  The Inspector will walk you through each stage in the process to ensure no one is in danger of the harmful long term effects of asbestos.

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