For major arts and business events, it’s important to consider all aspects of the project. Trash removal will be an important aspect of the event, especially when you have food vendors. Dumpster rental services do not only manage trash. You can also hire a service to manage your event trash removal. When you hire a waste management company, you have lots of different options to consider. Will you need trashcans? Will you need a staff to take care of periodic removal of garbage from those bins? Where will they be located? Make sure you discuss these questions with your event staff and with a waste management company so that you can properly plan for trash removal during the event.

Will You Need Trash Cans?

If you are occupying a large event location, chances are you will need to plan for rental or purchase of trashcans. Most will need to be located in areas of high traffic like entrances and exits as well as in concentrated areas of food vendor services. You have several options when it comes to trashcans. You can buy temporary cans. These are meant for one-day use. The trash that is put in these units can be picked up or the entire unit can be thrown away at the end of the event. You can also plan to have recycle bins to cut down on the amount of trash in bins. Waste management companies also offer rentals to add a professional touch to your indoor or outdoor event.

Will I Need a Trash Removal Staff?

When you approach a waste management company, you may want to also consider hiring a staff to manage trash removal during the day. For some events handled by a heavy volunteer staff, trash removal can be just one of many projects your own staff can handle for the day. If you choose to have a professional staff from the waste management company handle the task, it will cost you more money but you can be sure that the task is getting done and that no trash cans will overflow with garbage and waste.

A Centralized Location for the Dumpster Rental

The last thing to plan for when managing an event is where to put the main dumpster rental on the event site. This can be an easy thing to plan for when you’re occupying a building. There are already sites allocated for waste management. When you’re managing an outdoor event, things can be difficult to plan. You want to make sure that waste is far enough away from the public so that it does not affect their enjoyment of the event. You also want to make sure that it is accessible enough for trash staff to get to and from. By putting it in an area away from the crowds, you may want to invest in golf carts to help your paid or volunteer staff to easily pick up trash and move it to the proper location with ease.

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