Many homes are being put up for sale lately, due to a variety of reasons. Something that’s very surprising is the fact that many of these homes aren’t being listed by realtors, but are, instead, being sold by the homeowners themselves. Why do homeowners believe that they should sell the home themselves instead of hiring a Summit, NJ realtor? The main reason is due to money. People have the misconception that realtors make a fortune off of the homes that they sell. They see statements like “6% commission” and they start to hyperventilate. They then instantly assume that they’ll save more money, and that they’ll be better off, if they sell the home themselves instead of hiring a realtor.


The Truth

There are some instances in which a Summit, NJ realtorisn’t needed for a home. If, for instance, you have a home that has already garnered interest in a large number of people, such as one that is in a prime location, you may be able to sell the home quickly and easily yourself, with only the help of lawyers and the like. In most cases, however, this is not what occurs. There are so many homes on the market that it can be very difficult, if you’re selling your home on your own, to get the word out there that your home is for sale. Yes, you can take out ads in the local paper and you can post signs on your home, but unless your house is in a high traffic area, or you’re prepared to spend quite a bit of money on advertising, it’s likely that the fact that your home is for sale will never be known.

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Another factor that many self-selling homeowners don’t take into consideration is the buyers. Potential buyers hire a Summit, NJ realtor because they feel more comfortable. They know that the realtor that they hire has experience in buying and selling homes, and they feel as though the realtor is the best person to look out for their best interests. The comfort factor is a huge reason why many homes that are put up for sale by the homeowner don’t get sold, simply because the potential buyers don’t feel comfortable purchasing the home from your average homeowner.

So do you really need to hire a Summit, NJ realtor? As with everything, the answer depends. It depends on your experiences in buying and selling homes, and it depends on where your home is located. If you have a great deal of experience buying and selling, and your home is in a high traffic location, you may be able to sell it on your own. If you’re like most homeowners, though, you’ll likely find that it’s much easier, less stressful, and faster to hire a Summit, NJ realtor to help you to sell your home. You’ll also find that the same holds true for buying a new home, as a realtor has the experience, and the contacts, to find you the home of your dreams.

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