What is a Variable Interest Rate Home Loan?


A variable interest rate home loan (sometimes also referred to as a “floating” or “adjustable” rate home loan) is a very popular product in the lending market and a very competitive product offered by most of the lenders/credit providers.

Who is Suited to a Variable Interest Rate Home Loan?

This type of home loan is a perfect fit for:

>> First-time home buyers who just want a home loan product that is simple and not confusing to manage



>> People who just want to stay settled and are not willing to move whether in their work, home, personal life or they are not willing to move to another lender

What Should I Consider When Choosing the Loan?

When choosing it, you should always research and consider the following terms & conditions, being offered by the many lenders/credit providers:

>> Treat any “honeymoon” interest rate offers with caution, and remember to always check whether the discount rate applied to the variable rate is a set amount below whatever the standard variable is

>> Remember that low rate home loans are not always the best choice


>> Try to pick a loan term that suits your finance

>> Decide on what matters most to you (e.g. does it meet your financial goals?)

What are the Features of a Variable Interest Rate Home Loan?

You must know all the below mentioned features of the loan package so you can maximise the benefits:

>> Take advantage of falling “interest rates” when the Reserve bank decides to drop their official rates

>> Make unlimited “extra repayments” each month so you can pay off your home loan faster

>> Take advantage of “redraw facilities” so you can withdraw any extra payments you have made on top of your normal repayment amounts if you need the cash

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