The HealthyCircles™ Medical Home SolutionTHE HEALTHYCIRCLES SOLUTIONThe HealthyCircles Connected Health Platform makes the vision of the Patient-Centered Medical Home a reality. This is possible as HealthyCircles helps a primary care practice connect physicians, patients, families and other members of the Care Team in order to provide continuous, coordinated and comprehensive care. HealthyCircles provides advanced primary care practices with the care management tools needed to focus on what matters, “Taking better care of more patients, more efficiently.” This is a flexible care management solution that embraces the joint principles that underlie this approach to medical care.2WHY HEALTHYCIRCLES?Physician practices who utilize the HealthyCircles technology can qualify for additional health plan bonuses such as Bridges to Excellence, comply with the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) and qualify for additional payer incentives linked to Medicaid Medical Home services. Physicians can generate additional revenue by providing professional services such as care transition monitoring, population health management, eConsults and wellness coaching to patients via HealthyCircles.MEETING NCQA DESIGNATIONThe HealthyCircles Connected Health Platform provides a flexible, modular solution that is designed to enhance the ability of advanced primary care practices to adopt the patient-centered medical home model, qualifies them for the NCQA designation and most importantly, helps them to focus on what matters most- providing the best clinical care to the patients and communities they serve.MEETING THE NCQA’S PPC-PCMH STANDARDS AND POINTS WITH HEALTHYCIRCLESNCQA’s nine standards are listed below along with illustrations on how HealthyCircles maximizes a practice’s ability to fulfill the Must Pass Elements. Practices that use HealthyCircles can be reassured their patients will have a better care experience and better clinical outcomes.1. ACCESS AND COMMUNICATIONThe HIPAA compliant, permission-based and bi-directional invitation system enables communication and care coordination and care management between patients, families and

members of the health care team. The Message Center enables practices to expand their capacity, embrace open scheduling and monitor patients continuously using connected medical devices. Each practice determines its own custom policies for access and communication.2. PATIENT TRACKING AND REGISTRY FUNCTIONSThe HealthyCircles Triage Dashboard enables practices to track demographic, clinical and real-time vital signs for patients within a practice and to sort patients by condition and disease management programs. This enables clinical reminders and population health management.3. CARE MANAGEMENTHealthyCircles delivers interactive Health Programs that are built upon Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines for conditions such as CHF, Diabetes, HTN, asthma and cancer. Based upon responses to these Health Programs, physicians can create, deliver and modify the care plan based upon both medical and social determinants of health.4. PATIENT SELF-MANAGEMENT SUPPORTPatients can be enrolled in customized disease management and wellness programs that are delivered dynamically by HealthyCircles to patients online, through mobile devices and by interactive voice recognition technology via the phone. The system is designed to foster communication and to support patients across the continuum of care.5. ELECTRONIC PRESCRIBINGHealthyCircles provides a full medication management system to drive medication adherence, to perform medication reconciliation and to monitor new medications for adverse effects. HealthyCircles can interoperate with currently installed ePrescribe technology or physicians can subscribe to Premium Modules available through the platform.

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