To help you decide whether this style of bed is right for you take a look below at the pros and cons below…

Pros of divan beds


  • A divan guest bed is a comfortable and practical addition to a guest bedroom, as it will accommodate lots of different people over the years and a single divan bed is the perfect choice for a ‘one size fits all’ solution. If you regularly have couples to stay then you could upgrade to a king size divan bed. Cheap divan beds can be readily found online so you don’t need to pay a fortune to find one for your guest room.
  • The base of this style of bed is usually fitted with large drawers which are ideal for adding extra storage space to your bedroom. Large double divan beds in particular offer plenty of storage for bedding, clothing or any other items which usually clutter up bedrooms.
  • Divan beds offer superb levels of support due to their solid bases. Team your bed up with a mattress of your choice to achieve the perfect comfort level.
  • The top bed manufacturers in the country produce a range of this style of bed which means you’ll have the pick of the best ones on the market. Sealy divan beds feature sprung edge quilted divan bases which increase comfort levels and many of them also have castors which make arranging bedroom furniture much easier. Many Silentnight divan beds combine sturdy platform bases with super comfortable mattresses to bring you the ultimate in night time comfort.
  • The beds are available in a range of sizes from 4ft divan beds to huge king size divan beds which means no matter what space you have available in your bedroom, you will be able to find a bed to fit.

Cons of divan beds

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  • From an aesthetic point of view some people believe that the elegant curves of a metal bedstead or the cosy look of a wooden bed are preferable. However, if you invest in a quality divan bed you will see the difference an attractive base and headboard make to the overall look of your room.
  • Although a double divan bed does offer plenty of storage space you may find that you have to pay extra for the number of draws you require so make sure you build this cost into your budget.
  • Buying one of these beds complete with a mattress can sometimes workout to be more expensive than buying separately so make sure you check out all your options before making a purchase. To save even more money look online for a divan beds sale and you may just find a bargain.

Divan beds are a superb investment in terms of comfort, style and durability.

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