Are you one of those people who just hate gossip? All that idle talk and rumor about people’s personal or private affairs. Like a virus,Viral Marketing – Gossip at it’s Best Articles it’s amazing how fast it travels around the office or a small village. But would you feel the same if it was all positive news? And have you ever heard of a Gossip Protocol; a process used in a computer network that mimics the way people gossip to actually solve problems.

And that’s what you need to do. You need to use a form of gossip protocol, because gossip can spread information in positive ways. Ways that can help your business grow.

You need to think of a virus as the ultimate gossip marketing program.

Because, when time is limited and funds are tight nothing on earth beats a virus. As a marketer, you should aim to have a striking impact on the thinking and behaviour of your target market. Because essentially, that is what a virus does.

And as much as you may fear or hate the thought of a virus (biological or computer) these self-perpetuating, self-propagating little buggers are highly important to marketers.

It seems to me that every marketer is desperately searching for a new approach to marketing. But now is the time to stop shying away from the threatening sound of it and embrace the enemy: viral marketing or v-marketing is here to stay.

And if you can weave the characteristics of a virus in to your gossip, maybe you’ll have a winner.

Viruses are smart: They don’t knock on your door or wave a flag. They find a way into the ‘host’ under the guise of another, unrelated activity; a free DVD with your insurance policy!

Viruses are patient little buggers. Many will lie dormant in their host for years before demanding payback; plant the seed and be patient too.

Viruses don’t spread by chance. They follow the natural behaviours of their hosts, letting social interaction, email, blogs and Websurfing carry them to the next unsuspecting host; so target communities of like minded people with similar behaviour patterns.

Viruses thrive in groups where individuals have many casual social connections; remember Tupperware parties.

Viruses do not become epidemics overnight. A virus must develop through the host population until it reaches a certain threshold of visibility and scale; get to the top of those keyword searches – Adwords?

V-Marketing is already essential to the success of many new businesses. So don’t be frightened to gossip, just make sure it’s good news!

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