If so large amounts of food is imported, it is perfectly understandable; it would be feeding people. But what is mainly the use of gold? It may not have a sound rationale, but Indian have traditionally been buying gold.

Indian buy gold for a variety of reasons, for due to its auspicious feeling; as an investment (Gold still has value over the long term, a tag of being a safe haven); protect against inflation; asset allocation, etc. Gold also involves a high perceived value and a high emotional quotient. It strengthens the proximity of relationships. Gold coins in smaller mainline denominations as well longer considered suitable for corporate gifts and rewards for competitions and for memorial gifts.

Without a lot of successful, of course. Indians love gold. They be positively fancy to the metal.




Most people think that Indians are crazy about gold. While this statement may not be entirely negative, the truth is that gold has always had a special meaning for all ages in India.From rural housewives in India and the 27-year-old would-be bride to generating black money, gold is simply a store of value or an international currency – is part of a lifestyle, a demonstration initial wealth, status, position, etc. Gold is provided as a means to various memorial commitments as golden anniversaries, weddings jubilee, gold medals, gold Credit Card, etc. In addition to its safe haven status during times of need. Over the centuries, certain festivals of India have been the moment to splurge on gold. Festivals including Akshay Trithiya and Dhanteras are believe auspicious time to buy the precious metal.

Let’s get into some basic concepts, Why Indians Love Gold so Much:Worldwide roughly 52% of the gold produced is used for making jewelry, about 12% is used for industrial purposes, 18% as gold investments (ETF Holdings) and the remaining 18% is holdings of central banks. Outside 52%, jewelry around the world intake most occur in India. About a middle-class home purchase Rs 15-80 lacs worth of gold jewelry in life.

The key reasons for the purchase of gold jewelry has its roots in Indian culture, especially during weddings. Lot of impaired has happened to our traditions, but buying gold for the wedding has not changed much. Although the new generation is not overly fond of using or showing off gold jewelry, jewelry demand for gold has not gone down. We ended up ordering about 900-1000 tonnes of gold each year.

At one point through time it had 97% of income tax in India. This led to the large-scale tax avoidance. Widely dispersed of the population in a significant area and the lack of proper computerized are a few other reasons for tax avoidance. Tax reforms in the last years have effectively shortened the level of evasion. Much remains to be done. It is thought that there is a shadow economy running in the country. The cash component of been missing wealth can not be sustained in the banks (if kept in banks should be considered). This unexplained wealth may not be saved in the vaults, because it has to be hidden from the tax authorities. Gold jewelry is most suitable option because it takes up very small space (so easy to hide) and has the risk of getting damaged during storage.

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