Most of today’s websites run on WordPress, and e-commerce platforms are not an exception. Still, for the excellent functioning of an e-commerce store, WordPress needed to be altered, inventing new assets. And now, we have WooCommerce that serves as a WordPress


Essentially, WooCommerce is an open-source plugin of WordPress that facilitates and helps supervise the processes of e-commerce. It allows retailers to sell their products online, simplifying the payment procedure and providing an impeccable experience to their customers. The WooCommerce plugin has a vast number of pre-built functions – starting from customizable themes to helpful e-commerce features and tools. And that is not the only reason why WooCommerce is so popular:

  • It is free

WooCommerce is completely free to download and set up. Although there are some paid features and solutions, it allows you to experiment with free ones and get an understanding of what you need before paying for the desired extensions. Thus, it is a perfect decision for those who are on a budget.

  • It provides easy configuration

WooCommerce is a plugin, which means it is easy to configure because you install it like any other plugin. Of course, it requires some basic knowledge to deal with specific issues like security and hosting, but in general, it will not be a problem because of the numerous guides and how-tos provided.

  • It is flexible

WooCommerce provides the ability to sell any type of product – be it a physical product or goods or a digital solution. There are no strict limits to that. Also, it is flexible in terms of customization. That means that you can create your style and apply it to the website without facing problems and restrictions. Thus, you get an exclusive design with a strong focus on excellent functionality provided by WooCommerce.

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